Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vegetables sprouting

Only two weeks ago, I finally got around to starting seeds for the vegetable garden. I didn't write a post at that time, because there was nothing to see other than dirt in pots, which is not very exciting. I am excited now! I planted an entire flat of broccoli, which sprouted a few days ago, then brussel sprouts, basil, leeks, and Amish paste tomatoes. Now all seven varieties of tomatoes have sprouted. We're still waiting on the eggplant, watermelon, parsley, jalapenos, and most of the other peppers.

Next comes the hardest part of gardening -- for me, at least. You have to thin the seedlings. They're all so pretty and green, but if you don't take a pair of scissors and start snipping, none of the plants will grow very well. We have learned this the hard way. (Don't we learn everything the hard way?) I might cheat a little here and there and leave two seedlings per pot, but they usually don't grow as big as the plants that don't have to share their space.

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Abiga/Karen said...

I always sprinkle too many seeds and then also hate to snip some of them. Oh it is so hard! Blessings.


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