Friday, December 25, 2015

Friday, December 11, 2015

"I had a facelift!"

You know that's my blog saying that it had a facelift. Right? I'm not saying that I'd never have a facelift (because I never say never, as it seems to be a sure-fire way of making things happen), but having a facelift is on my to-do list right behind jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. But I digress ...

The blog's facelift is all part of a bigger plan. We're in the midst of a complete redesign of the Antiquity Oaks website. The technical stuff is done, and now I just have to write all new text for it because everything is woefully out of date. This blog will go back to being what it was when I started it in 2006, which was my personal diary of life on the farm.

The new website will have a blog that's geared towards the business of the farm -- animals for sale, garden information, farmer's market info, workshop and event scheduling, and other business stuff. As our homestead continues its transition to teaching farm, we're creating a website to better serve that need. Next year we'll have a garden partner who will be taking fresh produce to farmer's markets, so she'll be writing a lot of the posts over there. I'll still write the personal kidding stories on this blog, but the simple birth announcements and info about kids for sale will be on that blog. Make sense?

I think it will serve everyone's needs better. I know this blog has a lot of readers from all over the country and the world, and you don't really care to hear about events on the farm or produce to sell because you're too far away, so you won't have to read about those things. On the flip side, farm customers don't necessarily care about our house building adventures (which are on-going after 11 years in the house).

The above photo was one of the hundred or so taken by my daughter when she was home in October. I figured that since I had a new haircut after 9 years with my old one, I should probably get a new profile pic for social media, so that when people meet me in the real world, they won't get surprised that I look completely different. And sad to say, but I have also had to start wearing glasses in the past two years.

If you're reading this post via email, head over to the blog to see it in person and let me know what you think of its facelift!


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