Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Creek for sale

Have you ever wanted something, and then when you got it, you realized it wasn't all that you thought it would be? In fact, you really wish you did not have it?

It has recently come to my attention that we seem to have a lot more drama around here than people on most farms and homesteads. And I realized that probably about half of it is caused by living on a creek. The creek provides a great home for coyotes to raise their families. The neighbor has seen a mama with pups for the past two summers, and mama coyote seems to think that our farm is the buffet for her babies. The creek is also home to beavers, which cut down trees. Mike doesn't mind that part, since they're helping him with fence posts. However, they also made a big dam at the east end of our property, and I think that's probably making our pastures flood more than they used to.

And then there are the floods. It happens so often that I even have a "flood" label for my blog posts. We have two or three a year, and we often wind up with animals to rescue from drowning or hypothermia. Once the electric fence is under water, it no longer works. And I know I will never forget the horror I felt when I learned that Margaret and Katherine risked their own lives to save our bucks from drowning one year. This past weekend, when we were gone, Margaret had to rescue the llamas. So, I have made a decision. I m going to sell the creek!

Winding creek for sale. Perfect for your little country estate. Selling very cheaply and will throw in a couple of ducks for decoration. Buyer is responsible for relocation of said creek. Email for more details or to make an offer. No reasonable offer refused!


Anonymous said...

You guys do have more "drama" then most people. The only flooding we ever get is when the goat's stall floods every time it rains. But cleaning that up is a LOT easier than trying to rescue animals or dealing with the other floodings you guys have, I am sure of that!

Keep dry!


Jen T. said...

Hey Deborah! I thought I'd finally say hi. I started reading your blog about a year ago when we were contemplating a move from Phoenix to Illinois (I saw the link on Unschooling in IL list). We did move back in October and we have a creek, too. It's craziness, that's for sure. We don't have animals to worry about at the moment, but the house is right near the creek and the driveway gets flooded from the creek.

I like the creek when it is a little gurgling thing, but this flooding is not much fun! Our back yard is a mud pit and parts of the gravel driveway get washed away whenever it floods. So yeah, I totally hear you about the creek. :)

Deborah said...

Hi Jen and welcome! I can't believe how excited I was when we found property with a creek. It is so disgusting here right now. Our pastures are flooded for the second time in three days. I've made so many posts about floods and posted so many pictures, it's old news. I thought a bit of sarcastic humor would be more interesting.

Mom L said...

And to think I always dreamed of having a little cottage near the woods with - you guessed it - a bubbling, gurgling, winding creek near it! Of course, folks around here all know about the frequently flooded Peachtree Creek, and there is also an infamous flooding stream called Nancy Creek.

Nancy in - arrgghh - suburban Atlanta.

Shula said...

We have a river at the back of our property and when we bought the house the previous people told us it "got a little damp once or so a year" what they meant was it floods the whole back pasture after a heavy rain and when the snow melts. Basically quite a few times a year. We have affectionately called our sometimes flood lake McCann after my grandmother :) Good luck with your creek and cutting down your drama.


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