Monday, March 23, 2009

Breakfast during egg season

When we have lots of eggs, one of our favorite breakfasts is French toast. It is especially good when using thick slices of homemade whole grain breads like whole wheat with rolled oats or multi-grains added. This means I start planning French toast a day ahead of time. Whenever I make fresh bread, a loaf is devoured at the dinner table. If I'm planning French toast for breakfast the next day, I just make two loaves -- and hide one.

Cut inch-thick slices of bread, then dip in the batter:
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
t. vanilla or splash of Kahlua (alcohol evaporates during cooking)

This amount of batter is good for four to six slices, depending on how much you let them absorb. I put the bread in the batter, then immediately flip it over to coat the other side, then lift it out and place it on a hot griddle or skillet over a low heat. If you cook it on too high a heat, it will stick, and the outside will burn before the inside has a chance to cook.

We prefer to serve French toast with maple syrup and some kind of sausage -- our homemade turkey or pork sausage or store-bought vegetarian sausage for my daughters. This is so hearty, especially when made with the whole grain bread that most people only eat one or two slices.


SkippyMom said...

Sounds so yummy! The thicker, homemade bread is the best.

Try a splash of cinnamon too in the batter [1 tsp] mix yummy!

Do y'all do "eggs in a basket" or "submarine eggs" too? OH goodness...those are great too! :)

SkippyMom said...

eta: "eggs in a basket" & "submarine eggs" are the same thing...if no one is a fried egg cooked with great bread in a frying pan....sorry :)

Kara said...

Low heat, I have to remember to be patient. Thanks for sharing. I NEED more recipes now that my hens are laying again.

Caprifool said...

In Sweden, we sprinkle them with cinnamon & sugar. And odly enough....serve them in a bowl of milk.

Nancy K. said...

My favorite is using home-made cinnamon/raisin bread or adding cinnamon to the batter. MMMMMMM!
I may just have to make myself some french toast for lunch.....


Deborah said...

The reason I quit doing cinnamon in the batter is because it would float on top and then stick to the first piece of bread, with each successive piece getting less and less. I love your idea, Nancy, of using cinnamon bread! So obvious! I will do that next time!

No, SkippyMom, we haven't done eggs in a basket. I've seen pictures of them. The only person in the family who likes a whole egg cooked is my husband.

Yes, Kara, low heat. Patience is not my strong suit either. But after years of burning things, I'm finally learning.

Caprifool, I'm trying to imagine French toast in milk. It's not exciting me. BTW, I doubt you call it French toast in Sweden. What do you call it? I used to know someone from Germany who had never heard of German chocolate cake.

Meg said...

Ohmigosh....I'm coming over to your house for breakfast, this sounds so good! We make our own bread and generally have good quantities of eggs so I should make this more often instead of oatmeal day in and day out....

Caprifool said...

Yes Deborah, they turn all soggy! I don't like them that way :-) Oh dear, how should I translate our "fattiga riddare"? Uhm...poor knights?


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