Monday, September 7, 2009

Kid news (Michelle won!)

Michelle at Boulderneigh correctly guessed that Giselle would kid today, September 7. Although she was the only one who guessed the date correctly, she also guessed triplets correctly. (I was thinking triplets, too.) Michelle was guessing two does and a buck, but we wound up with triplet bucks. So, Michelle, send me (Deborah) an email at Antiquity Oaks dot com, let me know what fragrances you want, and I'll get your soap in the mail.

This is a bittersweet post, however, because one of the kids was born dead. I should consider us lucky that this is only the second time we've had a full-term kid born dead in seven years. It's been a strange and traumatic morning for Giselle and me, and I'm not sure we're out of the woods yet. The dead kid was trying to come out ribs first, which doesn't work so well, and now Giselle is not doing very well. She is trembling and having trouble standing. I've given her a shot of BoSe and some NutriDrench and am not sure what else to do for her. If anyone has any ideas, I'll be checking comments through the day, as we are also checking on Giselle.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to tell you the whole story right now, because we have company coming to celebrate the holiday. I need to get cooking, but I promise to tell you all about the birth and have pictures of the babies up on the blog in the morning. It's so weird when company is coming and real life rears its ugly head. Talk about feeling frazzled and conflicted, and I'm in a very sour mood, as even the tiniest things are making me snippy.


pfrpu2 said...

Oh poor Giselle! She did look so very wide when we were there. I hope she will be ok. Will be waiting to hear. Wish I had some ideas for you. Sorry.

Michelle said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear of the dead kid and Giselle's troubles. Could she possibly have milk fever? The trembling can be a symptom. I hope she recovers quickly and the two remaining kids thrive. I'll email you separately, but would like to know (when you have time!) what the fragrance options are. I'll look on your site to see if I can find that info somewhere.


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