Saturday, August 6, 2011

All-you-can-eat goat buffet

We moved the does into a new browsing area today. Technically, goats are not grazers. If given the choice, they prefer to browse, which means to eat leaves, bushes, and young trees. So this hillside is their idea of a five-star gourmet restaurant!

Amelia Earhart, a polled, blue-eyed doeling born this spring
It is easy to see why goats are rented to clear hillsides that are overgrown. They love this stuff!

Girlfriend, a mini mancha doeling
The more experience we get with rotational grazing, the more brave we get. We used to only put the goats on flat land. But now we put them in a lot of places overgrown with brush.

Miss Kitty, named after the Gunsmoke character,
is developing the sassy personality of her namesake.
One reason goats are not as resilient against internal parasites as sheep and cattle is because they didn't evolve eating grass off the ground where the parasite larvae can be ingested. They've gone through history eating from trees. As one person said, goats should never eat below their knees.

Sherri, eight years old and our most valued brood doe

Skippy, the other earless wonder (mini mancha)


Michelle said...

When I read the title, I pictured a buffet OF goat, not a buffet FOR goat, and I was a little shocked. :) I know some cultures eat goat, but I didn't think that's why you raised them - whew! A funny moment in my chore-filled afternoon - anything is more intresting then dusting, so I'm easily entertained. :)

Mama Pea said...

What fun to see the pictures of the goats out enjoying natural browse. They all look very healthy!

pedalpower said...

I never knew that goats are not grazers...I always learn something new when I read your blog.

LindaG said...

Love Amelia's blue eyes. Your goats look great!
Have a Blessed Sunday. ♥

Michelle said...

I want Girlfriend; what a pretty goat and I'll bet she'd be a great milker!

MamaTea said...

Love to see them doing their thing! They look happy and healthy and just like they are supposed to! :)

SkippyMom said...

They are all so pretty, I love the pics. Then again, I am a little partial to the last one. :)


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