Sunday, September 5, 2010

Garden Review: Chervena Chuska Pepper

This is the first in a series of reviews I'm planning to write on the different varieties of fruits and vegetables we planted in our garden this year.

Every year I like to try a few new varieties of vegetables in the garden, and when I read the Seed Saver description of the Chervena Chuska pepper, I had to try it! We love sweet peppers, and I was especially happy to read that this one grows so well at the Seed Saver farm in Iowa, which is only a few hours west of us. Usually, if it grows there, it will grow here.

We were in for quite a surprise! We love the pepper, even though it does not fit the catalog's description as sweet as candy. We really like it on pizza, and I'm planning to try stuffing it. If we had more than one plant (rabbits ate the rest), I think they would make great canned pimentos.


Sally said...

This pepper looks beautiful! I am really hoping that I can improve my garden next year. It was a real flop this year, compounded by the fact that I am a horrible weeder. Trying to make plans now for how I can make it better next year.

Amy Manning said...

Thank you for the review! I didn't get one pepper this year due to the rain and cold. Bummer.

I'm attempting to post seed reviews on my site as well.


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