Friday, May 7, 2010

Ethel Merman's doeling

Last weekend we had three does kid in three days. Annie Oakley was first on Friday with triplets. I told you a little about that a couple days ago, and I'll be writing more about it soon, because Linguine is definitely blind. But for today, I thought I should put another little darling in the spotlight.

Ethel Merman freshened on Saturday with one very large doeling. Beautiful color, eh? We don't usually get kids this colorful, but I guess I have Draco to thank for last weekend's bunch of wildly colorful babies.

The birth was quite uneventful. Jonathan went into the barn and heard the squeal of a newborn kid. He looked into the stall and saw this little cutie already wobbling around on unsteady legs. Did I already mention that I hate pen breeding? Instead of having a one-week window, you have a one-month window, and it is so easy to miss a birth. That's why I refuse to pen breed for winter kiddings. Hypothermia is too much of a risk in the middle of winter. When it's warm out, there usually aren't any problems, but then you have a situation like Linguine, and you realize just how fragile the whole process can be. So, we're excited that this little girl made it with no problems. Kudos to Ethel for doing a great job -- and it was her first time!

Now for a name -- Betty Davis? Greta Garbo? There are just so many great names of old movie stars.


Claire the Shepherdess said...

She's adorable - what a beautiful set of markings. Makes my little white goats look rather dull in comparison! I can't wait to see pictures of her as she grows! No name suggestions I'm afraid - I am not a fan of old movies so I don't know any of the names.

LindaG said...

Congratulations! Makes me think of a little calico kitty. :)
Sorry to hear about Linguini. :(
Hope you have a great weekend, though.

Chef E said...

Audrey, I always liked her, and since the beautiful coloring, she was beautiful until the day she passed away, truly a sad moment for the world...

I just got back from a fishing trip, so lots of catching up to do here!

Penny said...

She is a flashy lil girl! Betty Grable or Ginger Rogers maybe?

BJ Gingles said...

Two "colorful" ladies you might consider were Ginger Rogers and Maureen O'Hara (who also sang, although not as successfully as Ethel). June Allyson is another suggestion.


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