Saturday, November 14, 2009

Farm photo fun

Sarah, our apprentice, has taken a lot of very cool photos since arriving a couple weeks ago. I love this one! I wonder what Lizzie is saying? (Yeah, I know she's just chewing her cud, but it looks like she is saying something interesting.)

This picture of Jo seriously needs to have a thought bubble above it.

Katherine and Sarah have also had a great time taking pictures of each other.

I can't believe Katherine got into the creek -- she said the water was quite cold!

Sarah has been obsessed with horses most of her life and made fast friends with MidKnight. She's been riding for about 10 years and says he's the calmest horse she's ever known. Yes, she just hopped up on his back in the middle of the pasture.


Jenny Holden said...

Super photos, I love the goats and the "proper farm lass" shot... and that one on the horse is beautiful :o)

Kara said...

Wow, breathtaking photos! :)

Caprifool said...

Goats allways have something to say. I one just stops for a second to listen.


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