Monday, November 16, 2009

Bad apples?

I'm always surprised when people with their own apple trees don't use the apples. They usually assume the apples are bad because they're not pretty on the outside. In other words, their apples don't look like the apples in the store. Well, that's kind of like comparing yourself to the supermodel that's been Photoshopped on the cover of the fashion magazines. Those apples look like that because they've been sprayed with pesticides and fungicides while on the tree. After they're picked, they're waxed so they're shiny and last longer. Organic apples are picked through, and only the prettiest make it to the stores, because produce managers know that people are prejudiced against ugly apples. The above photo shows you what a few of our Granny Smith apples look like this year. Although they're not perfect on the outside, most of them are delicious on the inside. Sometimes, part of the apple might be bad, but the rest of it is still perfectly edible, and once it's cut up and put into something like a pie or apple crisp, no one knows that it once had an Ugly Duckling past. Although you might think that organic apples are too expensive to buy, are you overlooking free apples in your own yard?


corinne said...

My apples looked like that this year too :(. I think the cool temps and never-ending rain caused a lot of fungi to grow and flourish happily on my fruit crops. The apples were great on the inside though and made wonderful sauce, jam and apple pie filling.
I don't understand people that don't use their apples either...

MaskedMan said...

Ugly on the outside... Yummy on the inside!

SkippyMom said...

I love the "ugly duckling past" comment...too true!

We had a pear tree growing up and I never understood why. Dad never let us eat/use the pears.

I always thought, what's the point?


Thanks for saying these good points about "good" apples. You are so right.


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