Monday, January 5, 2009

The view from my toilet

Yes, this really is the view from my toilet. You can see several things from here.

First, we still need to put tile around our bathtub. Whenever I list the things that still need to be done on the house, I always forget that one. We have a separate shower though, so it's not a huge deal, since I don't splash that much when I bathe. On the list of "things I wish I'd known" before building this house, I would add, "Don't have a separate shower and tub." Why? Because if you don't use a tub for about a week, you still have to clean it. Yeah, it gets ridiculously dusty, and all sorts of stuff collects in there, like dead Asian beetles in the fall. Ugh!

Second, there is a tree out there that still hasn't lost its leaves. Six or seven years ago, I wouldn't have noticed that, and I wouldn't have cared. Today, I wonder why it hasn't lost its leaves. Healthy trees shed their leaves in the fall, just like healthy animals shed their winter coats in the spring. After the goats stripped the bark off our apple trees, they didn't lose their leaves in the fall, and when spring arrived, we realized they were dead. So, if that huge tree is dead, that's a lot of firewood!

Often, I see ducks and geese swimming on the pond, but this time of year they're confined to the small area that is kept unfrozen by the aerator. They look like little dots in the picture, but they're bigger in real life. I've seen deer wandering through the pasture, and sometimes our horses gallop around the back of the pond. Every now and then, I also see naughty goats back there after they've gone through the electric fence. Overall, I'd have to say that the view from my toilet makes it the best seat in the house.


Nancy K. said...

This has GOT to be my very favorite blog post title of all time!! I was laughing before I even clicked on the link.

Thanks for the chuckle. I guess beauty is wherever we find it...

Jody said...

What a great view! It's a wonder you ever leave the bathroom.

Motherbird said...

Love it! :-)

Claire said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today and suggesting that the ducks might be cayuga mixes! I am so excited to see how they grow up. I can't remember if I ever visited your blog before but I don't think I did because I would have bookmarked it. So glad you visited mine so that I could find yours! Great view, by the way!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Now see, I love having a separate bath and shower! Yes, the bathtub gets dusty, but I don't feel compelled to clean it too often. Actually, I just vacuum it out once a week when I do the rest of my vacuuming, and clean it more thoroughly when one of us wants to use it. That's not often, but it IS nice to have a deep, long (my husband is 6'5") tub with jets when one needs it - like after my husband spent 4 1/2 hours shoveling off the barn roof so it wouldn't collapse!

P.S. Thanks for being one of my blogpals. I love your comments, too!

Deborah said...

Glad everyone enjoyed the view from my toilet and got a good chuckle. It's actually much prettier today since a light snow fell overnight.

Claire -- I noticed recently that one of my "purebred" Cayugas has some white feathers around his shoulders. Not sure what's up with that. They'll be two this summer.

Michelle -- I don't really feel compelled to clean it either. It just bugs me that it gets dirty, and I have to look at it several times a day. :) I'll definitely have a big tub for soaking, probably bigger than this one, which is the standard 5-foot length, although deeper than normal. I want the shower above the tub though. Vacuuming would be a great idea if the vacuum ever came upstairs. We have all hardwood floors or tile. But my main floor master suite is 5 or 10 years away. :(

I can't quite imagine having to shovel off the roof, although it's not inconceivable in Illinois.

sasa said...



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