Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The secret to my success

If someone had asked me a couple weeks ago, "What's your secret? How do you get everything done?" I'm not sure what I would have said. But today I can tell you what the secret is -- a good planner! Why have I come to this realization now? Because I can't find the January pages for my planner! I have a Franklin Covey planner -- you know, the old-fashioned paper kind where people actually write things with this old-fashioned thing called a pen.

I started using a Franklin Planner in the early 1990s, and it made me a lot more productive. Then in the new millennium, I got all modern and bought a Palm Pilot. I would forget to sync it, charge it, and use it. Psychologists probably have some explanation for why it didn't work for me, but does it really matter why it didn't work for me? So, I went back to the old-fashioned paper planner about four years ago. Now I can't find my refill pages. I know they're around here somewhere, and I've been trying to not panic. I told myself that surely I'd find them as I was rearranging the library to accommodate the new bookcases. So far, no luck.

I'm limping along using the Google calendar, but I'm finding that a lot of things are slipping through the cracks -- like breeding goats, ordering seeds, registering for conferences, planning the garden, mailing a roving order, making phone calls, and there's probably more that I've forgotten. Having a computerized organization system has several drawbacks -- like, I have to be on the computer to add something or read something.

I know that as soon as I order another set of calendar pages, I'll find the ones I misplaced. Grr. . . Any suggestions on how to keep myself organized and on track until I find them?


Nancy K. said...

I'd order more.

Then again, I'd probably forget and stumble through the year, totally disorganized. Oh yeah ~ that's what I DO!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I use calendars to stay organized - a pocket calendar in my purse, a desk calendar on my desk, a horse calendar (from my husband's clinic) for horse stuff), and a sheep calendar (this year, the one and only Boulderneigh calendar!) for my sheep stuff. Surely you have one laying around you could use until you find your planner pages?

Deborah said...

Thanks, ladies! I guess confessing your shortcomings to the Blogosphere is as good as buying more planner pages, because tonight (after a week of looking!) I finally found the refill pages!

I am actually quite short on calendars this year. I usually get one from our poultry processor and another one from the Amish grocery store down there, but Mike took the turkeys to get processed, and I forgot to tell him to pick up calendars. The Amish are really into calendars since they're not allowed to have pictures on their walls. Last week, I told Katherine to add a Scotland calendar to her BN book order, which I just discovered she never placed. So, I need to go calendar shopping! At least they should all be on sale now.


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