Friday, January 2, 2009

Ladies in waiting

Here are our lovely does that are due in January. They are getting accustomed to their new barn. Their pen is 16 feet long by 8 feet wide at the back and 4 feet wide at the front. When they're in labor, they'll move to the kidding pen, which is not in this picture, and once the babies are a couple days old, they'll be in the big 16 X 16 pen, which is behind where they're standing now. Sherri, the tri-colored doe, second from right, is due Jan. 11.


Claire said...

I can't wait for the baby pictures! We have two goats that were purchased as being bred. Well, we had 3. The first was due, we were told, Nov 27. She didn't have any kids, so after a couple of weeks, we put her back with the main herd. She's the one whose kids we lost over the holidays because we didn't know they were coming and she was in the lean-to instead of inside. The other two we were told were due "sometime in December." We bought them in mid-September, so we are keeping them inside until the end of February, just in case the date on those was as wrong as the date on Muffin.

Deborah said...

How sad you lost those kids. It's always frustrating when that happens. I never pen breed for winter kiddings, because it is so unbelievably easy to lose kids to hypothermia if you're not there to dry them off. And I know people who've also had kids lose ears to frostbite.

Claire said...

Oh dear, losing ears is awful! We bought these goats who were all supposedly bred in Missouri in mid-September, when we were new to goats and not at all thinking in sensible ways. We have learned the hard way. We did get 3 new Icelandic ewes that are due at a sensible time - April 27 and May 2. No ear loss there. I hope.


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