Saturday, January 3, 2009

2 bookcases up; 2 to go!

In spite of the power outage, we have prevailed! Okay, Mike has prevailed. I don't get any of the credit on this one. He finished the second coat of poly a couple days ago, and on Friday, he brought the pieces of the bookcases into the library and put them together. In the picture at right, the bookcases are laying front-down, and Mike is screwing the back onto the bookcase on the left.

Since they go from the floor to the ceiling, he has to make a small base for them to stand on. If they were truly eight feet tall, you couldn't put them together laying down and then stand them up because of that hypotenuse thing that we all learned in high school geometry and promptly forgot. So, you see the base is in place in the lower, right-hand corner of the photo, and then he has to lift the bookcase and set it on there.

And, voila! We have two more bookcases, for a total of seven! (Yes, we really do have that many books.) After he makes the last two bookcases, he has to make the end pieces and the trim, but there's a lot of things in this house that still need trim. The last two bookcases will go on the side walls next to the two he just put up. They will only be six inches deep, and that is where our paperback novels will be shelved.

A built-in desk will be put between these two bookcases. I did have a cheap particle-board desk there, but it doesn't fit any longer, so Mike needs to make the new desk a higher priority now. I really like sitting at that window when I'm on the computer, because I can keep an eye on the goats.


Margaret said...

And for those of you who don't believe we have that many books, I promptly filled three of those shelves (one shelf is double layered) with books that were on the floor in my room. And this is not because I have no bookcases...the two I have are full. :)


pedalpower said...

Seven. I have serious bookcase envy here! We area family of readers...with almost no bookshelves. I think I need to get to work or somehow inspire Joe to build us some.

Deborah said...

We'll have nine when we're finished. I think (hope) there will be some open space, because I'm sure we are not done buying books.


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