Sunday, May 6, 2007

Our first la manchas!

I'm a little late with the pictures, but Muse, our la mancha doe, gave birth to twin doelings last Sunday. Since she had twin doelings before we bought her, we figured she'd have bucklings this time to even things out. We are thrilled that she had two does! At the moment, I'm thinking I want to keep them both. Since the only la mancha buck we own is their father, we can breed them to a Nigerian buck to make mini-manchas. We're calling this one Viola since she's mostly brown like a viola.

This is Clare, short for Clarinet. We chose musical names since their mama is Musical Thrill. Her previous owners called her Thrill, but I just couldn't bring myself to call her that, so we settled on Muse. If you can't see her ears, that's because she's a la mancha. Their ears are about 1/8 inch long, so it looks like they don't have any. These little girls are SO sweet. They are very friendly and just melt in your arms when you pick them up.

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