Monday, July 2, 2012

In praise of daylilies

Every June or July, I walk around the yard and take pictures of the dayliles. In spite of our dreadful heat, which has already gone into triple digits a few times, these flowers are doing pretty well, which is one reason I love daylilies so much. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are a few photos!

And a few daisies!

I really do not have a green thumb, and I don't have the time I would need in order to have the beautiful flower garden that I would love to have. So, daylilies are the perfect flower for me. They come back year after year in spite of the heat and lack of special attention or watering. These pictures were taken after two weeks without rain. We are watering today, but I can't think of too many flowers that are as forgiving as daylilies.

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