Thursday, June 28, 2012

Liquidating the Shetland flock

This is really hard, but it seems the most logical place to cut back. I briefly mentioned a few posts ago that I was thinking about selling the Shetland sheep, except for my two old ladies, Majik and White Feather, who were my first two ewes. Everyone else is for sale. And until I typed that sentence, I had not even thought about price. Yeah, this is hard to do, but I'm going to keep typing. I've come up with a dozen ways to procrastinate already.

Here are the lambs:

Hmm ... I have eleven lambs, but that's only eight pictures. There are three more just as cute -- one is white and two are brown (or moorit in Shetland speak).

I also have a lovely yearling ewe that I didn't breed:

And here are my three adult wethers:

Lucky was supposed to be lamb chops, but the morning Mike was loading up the wethers, I said, "You know, Majik is my only gray ewe. And I like gray wool. We should keep him." So, I wrote about it on here, and someone said he was Lucky! The name stuck.

This wether also got lucky because someone told me she wanted him for wool, so he didn't go the locker with the rest of the boys that fall. But she never picked him up, so he's still here.

And then there is Latte. My oldest daughter bought him for me as a gift when she was buying a ewe six or seven years ago. If I could find my sheep binder, I would know his age for sure. I'm actually thinking that I might keep him. After all, three sheep isn't any more work than two, right?

And I just realized I don't have pictures of the adult ewes unless they just happened to get into pictures with their lambs. Well, I have six adult ewes for sale -- two white, one black, two spotted black and white, and one brown. I'm not very good at this "selling" thing.


RiverBend Farm said...

That's a tough one. We can't even get by with raising anything on this farm for meat because we end up keeping it. We did have a calf we raised that we sent to auction only because we couldn't eat him ourselves. we've got a Longhorn that would be very tasty for the freezer, but, no, she's still here. I feel your pain, even if you are just selling them. But we do what we need to do. Good Luck.

How to Landscape said...

The lambs look so cuddly. But your wethers look real fierce. Very nice flock you've got :)

Cintia said...

oh where are you? I love the weather with the spots I think he would get along well with my fainting goat weather he has horns also and is about the same size how much are they?


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