Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clare's twins

Sunday morning, in the midst of trying to save two of Coco's boys that were trying to starve themselves to death (click here, if you missed that post), I heard a long, low "maaaaaaaa" from Clare's pen. I knew what that meant. "Get the towels," I said to Mike. "I'm so sorry, little dude," I said to the hypothermic, little black kid that I had just placed on a heating pad and covered.

Doeling on the left, buckling on the right
There was a head hanging out when we walked into Clare's pen, and she quickly gave birth to buck-doe twins. Clare is Viola's sister, so these babies are also mini manchas. We dried them off, and in no time, they were struggling to get to their feet and find their first meal. Yes, it really was that easy, and I think I can say that after the last six births, I deserved an easy one! But then I was in the middle of trying to save two of Coco's little bucks, so it's a good thing Clare only required about fifteen minutes of my time.

Are these not the two cutest kids ever?

I am so glad that I was planning to keep them for my mini mancha breeding project, because it would be tough to let them go -- especially that doeling. And she has the sweetest personality to go with her flashy looks!


Mama Pea said...

Flashy good looks, indeed! She looks as if she were hand-painted. (Why can't all births go that way?)

SkippyMom said...

I am so invested in your goats I think I deserve the [last picture] cutie patootie to be named "Skippy". giggle

I kid [haha] but really glad that birth was easy. :) They are gorgeous.

LindaG said...

Congratulations on getting a break. :)

Abiga/Karen said...

So glad to hear Clare kidded so easy. They are so cute! from Abiga/Karen

Jane said...

She's a keeper alright! They are both cute as can be. Glad they came easy.Blessings jane

Deborah @ Antiquity Oaks said...

SkippyMom, you've actually given me an idea! Viola and Clare (short for Clarinet) are named after musical instruments, which seems like a dead end for themes, but I could just go broaded and use musical themes for them. Clare's doe is so sweet -- totally my little girlfriend -- so I was thinking of naming her after a song with girlfriend in the title. The only thing anyone has come up with is "I Got a Brand New Girlfriend," so I might use that for her and then go with modern country songs for all of Clare's kids. Skippy made me thing of "Skip to my Lou," so I could use kid's songs for Viola's babies and call the little red doe Skippy!


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