Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Annie's big surprise

Sunday night, I had a visitor who was looking at Scandal's kids, but when she saw Annie, she thought she might like a kid out of her. When Annie turned her back to us, there was a thin string of mucous hanging down. The emphasis here is on the word "thin" because when I see a thick gooey string of mucous, it usually means kids within a couple hours.

Annie's doeling was born first.
Nearly 24 hours later, Annie was in hard labor. She quickly gave birth to three kids -- a doe first, followed by two bucks. Katherine came into the barn about ten minutes later, and we were chatting when Annie plopped down and pushed a little. We figured it was the placenta. But then she stood up and seemed perfectly happy again. About twenty minutes later, she pawed at the ground, then laid down without paying attention to where her babies were standing or lying, and Katherine grabbed the little doeling just as Annie was about to lay on her. Then Annie let out a yell, and we briefly considered the possibility of a fourth kid, but then a bubble appeared, and we chuckled about how she was trying to fool us just like Scandal had done a few days earlier. A moment later, Annie screamed again, and as another bubble started to emerge, I saw something black inside it.

"Is that a kid?"

I grabbed a towel as it came sliding out. It was indeed another kid -- another buck!

I've come to the conclusion that nothing should surprise me this kidding season. Nine years of raising goats really means nothing, because in the great realm of possibilities, anything is possible.

In case you've lost count, this is our sixth set of quadruplets this year. On average, we have one set of quads a year. And we had our first set of quints this year. This is more than a little crazy!


SkippyMom said...

Toldja'. Goatopalooza. :)

I don't know who is more worn out - you guys or the Mommas.

Congrats on 4 more. What is the count now between bucks and does?

Jordana said...

Wow. You have had quite a year! Glad this kidding went well, and that you got a doe :-)

LindaG said...

You won't be able to take a step without a kid under your feet. ;)
Congratulations! Glad no trips were involved with this one. :)

Corben said...


You must be feeding them something good :)

Mama Pea said...

Wow! I think I'd make sure no humans on your homestead accidentally ingest any of the super-food you've been feeding your goats!!

I know it would probably be impossible because of many reasons (unless you put a name tag on each kid!) but it sure would be fun to see a group picture of all your 2011 kids!

Abiga/Karen said...

Have you thought of anything that might have caused so many multiple births? O r is it just one of those strange years in homesteading? Blessings.


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