Monday, October 18, 2010

Whatever happened to . . . ?

Following my last post, someone asked about Trouper and Merlot, and I realized that there are probably a lot of stories with loose ends. So, to catch up --

Merlot is the gorgeous Shagya Arabian gelding whose owner deserted him here. He was supposed to be a pasture mate for Katherine's horse, but when Buddy died and I called Merlot's owner to tell her he was alone, she said she didn't want him any longer, "and if you're going to desert him, you can just put him down." Well, I wasn't going to do that, so Merlot is still here. He had lost some weight over the winter, but he is in great shape now. I can't even find his ribs. He has a bad case of arthritis in one of his hocks, which he's had forever, but otherwise he's doing great.

Midknight is the other horse that was here, and when I told his owner that Midknight could no longer stay here, he sold him. We thought the buyers might also take Merlot, but they decided against it.

Trouper was the dog that someone dumped on our road. He was pit bull, and he was injured badly. The pit bull rescues were full, and the mixed breed rescues wouldn't take him because they said some cities banned ownership of pit bulls, which created a variety of problems for them. He had a broken pelvis, which caused him to be incontinent, and without surgery that would have cost a few thousand dollars, there was really no hope that he would regain bladder control. As he began to get around better, he started chasing chickens, and he killed two geese. Then he and our livestock guardian had issues. I was able to break up the first fight myself. It took three of us to break up the second fight. After the third fight, Trouper was so badly injured it would have meant more vet bills, which we simply couldn't afford, especially for a dog that had so many things going against him, so we made the very hard decision to put him down. We still miss him, and I'm certain that there will be more pit bulls in my future, because he was a very sweet dog who simply had too many strikes against him.

Sterling the llama was having dental issues last winter, and they seem to have somehow resolved themselves. I'm wondering if the abscessed tooth fell out? Everything I learned about abscessed teeth in llamas sounded dreadful, and I'm glad that it cleared up without having to have a hole drilled through the bottom of his jaw, which is what they recommended at the U of I vet clinic.

The baby llama is a month old now, and we decided to name him Lance for two reasons. It looks like he's wearing biker shorts, so there's Lance Armstrong, and since he's going to be a guardian, naming him after Lancelot seemed like a good idea. I'm sorry I don't remember if it was a blog reader or a Facebook fan that came up with the name, but I love it! After I told a farm guest the baby's name one day, she thought it also worked because knights used lances!

If there's anything else that I need to update, just let me know!


melanie said...

Did I miss the resolution of the blind baby goat??

Deborah @ Antiquity Oaks said...

Yep, it's here:
Thanks for asking!

Chef E said...

Is it common practice to give other animals when someone buys one to have another for company? I ask because my goat Felicity was a gift when my friend bought the two miniature horses. The breeder said she was used to them and watched over them...what a goat, love her!

Deborah @ Antiquity Oaks said...

I won't sell a single goat because they need caprine companionship. Goats are herd animals, and I get calls every year from people who bought one and are now desperately searching for a second one because the single goat has developed all sorts of bad habits.

If someone is selling out or just desperate to cut back, they might give away animals. In Felicity's case, I'd assume they just wanted to get rid of her. Two horses are the best company for each other, so there was no need to give you a goat for them. If the horses were her only companions, they might have been worried about how she'd react when the horses were gone.

Brianne said...

Thanks so much for this update! I'm so glad to hear Merlot is well, though I am terribly sorry for your loss of Trouper. I'm so glad you could give him the home and love that you did, even just for a while. Every dog deserves to know that kind of care, and you went beyond what most would do. Even though his story doesn't have a happy ending, the chapters you added to it are rich with kindness and compassion, and his life was better for it. Thanks again!


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