Thursday, October 7, 2010

Garden review: Dakota black popcorn

We love popcorn as a snack, and we don't feel guilty eating it, because it's all natural. This year, we finally decided to try growing our own, and we are certainly happy we did! I chose Dakota black popcorn from the Baker Creek catalog.

The ears are only about four to six inches long, so they cute to use as decoration, but the best thing is that they pop up beautifully. We've only popped one year so far, and all but one kernel popped. The taste was outstanding. This one definitely gets five stars, and we'll be growing it again.

Thanks to Katherine for the photos!


LindaG said...

It looks great popped and definitely looks different on the ear.
Thanks for the consumer review!

Velva said...

Love it! What a great way to really enjoy popcorn.

cibersan said...

Buen trabajo con este blog... felicidades!

ahi te dejo para que lo cheques:


Amy Manning said...

Interesting. Thanks! I've posted a link on my collection of seed varieties recommended by gardeners.

Em said...

We LOVE popcorn around here too - I go through way too much, and I love making it myself, no microwave popcorn in our house anymore! I will have to order some of that next year to grow here - it looks really good, and I'm sure the kids would think the black kernels are very interesting! I wonder if I could find some at a farmer's market...?

Glenda said...

Is it dry or do you have to dry your popcorn?

Deborah Niemann said...

All corn is initially quite moist as it is growing, but then you just leave it on the stalk until it's dry. Once all of the greenery has dried out and turned brown, the kernels are most likely dried enough to pop. You can pull the cobs off the plant and store them like that, or you can rub the ears the get the kernels off the ear. If you're not sure whether or not the kernels are dry enough, try to stick your thumbnail into one. If it's too hard for you to stick your nail into, it's dry.


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