Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update on new kidding pens

The humans' house might not be finished (almost six years since we broke ground), but the goats have been giving birth in style this year.

Mike was finishing up each kidding pen a day or two before each goat was due. He finished the first pens in February, a couple days before Carmen (below) kidded.

Now we have four private kidding suites, and two nursery pens. Okay, they're not entirely private, but they're as private as a goat wants them to be. They're herd animals, so they don't like too much privacy.

The kidding suites are individual spaces where a doe can give birth and start caring for her little kids without any other bossy goats bothering her.

After the kids are a week or two old, they are moved with their mother to one of the nursery pens, where they can get to know the other kids and moms.

One of the best things is that we used mostly reused and re-purposed materials. Those cool walls came out of a fancy horse barn that was being dismantled. It was a win-win scenario. We have amazing walls for our kidding pens, and these walls were saved from a landfill.


Laura said...

Nice pens! I like your last post too-cute story.

SkippyMom said...

Those are awesome - I love the symmetry and the way you can see all the way through when checking.

Nice repurpose. If I had goats I would be jealous - as it is now I am jealous 'cause I don't have goats, but I can be extra petty and covet thy neighbor's kidding pens. ;D


Spinners End said...

Lovely! I'm wishing we had built a bigger barn now after looking at those spacious suites...

Heidi said...

gorgeous! the re-purposed walls add so much character, too. enjoying your blog, by the way, and ALL the kiddos!

pedalpower said...

wow, that's so nice! Don't you love it when you can use salvaged materials?!

angie said...

Using salvaged materials... awesome. True-farmer style.

rhonda said...

What a nice Mother's Day present for them! I love reading your blogs!


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