Saturday, November 15, 2008

What's Twitter?

Some of you may have noticed "Twitter Updates" in the left sidebar of my blog. In case you're not familiar with Twitter, it's sort of like a blog, except you're limited to only 140 characters per "tweet." To see my profile on Twitter, click here.

Today, I tweeted about Sovalye fighting with something at 1:30 this morning. It was good for a tweet rather than a blog post, because that's just about the whole story. We don't know what he was fighting with, and by the time we got outside, it was gone. (I'm guessing it was a coyote, because when he gets a coon or something small, he doesn't let it go until it's dead.)

I use Twitter to post quick updates on things that are happening around here, and sometimes, I post a link to an article that I think people might find interesting. If I don't have time for a complete blog post, I'll post a quick comment about something on Twitter, and then I'll blog later. You can "follow" me on Twitter, either through your computer or your mobile phone, or you can just keep reading my tweets in the sidebar of the blog.

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