Sunday, November 23, 2008

Canadian city wants goats

The Canadian city of Prince George is looking for goats to rent! They've decided that goats are a better option for controlling weeds than herbicides, which can cause diseases and have been banned in numerous parts of Canada.

In one report, Dr. Booth noted that Prince George spent $90,000 in 2003 to apply undiluted herbicides and pesticides on 365 hectares.

While figures weren't available for the cost of weed control at the test sites, in 2007, Prince George spent almost $13,500 on herbicides just for dandelion control on the boulevards and medians of two streets, a 4.25-hectare area.

The goats cost $100 each.

For more on the story, click here.

And if anyone in Illinois wants goats for clearing the weeds on their property, drop me an email!

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