Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday dinner

I love August. It's the month when the vast majority of our food comes from our farm. Last night for dinner, we had roast turkey with goat milk gravy, corn on the cob, wax beans, carrots, fried okra, and -- from the store -- wild rice. Tonight's dinner was pork chops and green beans, both homegrown. Today I made salsa with homegrown orange tomatoes, banana peppers, cayenne, purple onions, and garlic. Only the salt and vinegar were store bought.

Tomorrow is Sovalye's vet appointment at 1:30. Yes, I have an appointment with a new vet. She asked why he bit Margaret, which is a lot better than the other vet, who recommended he be put down without even talking to me about what happened. After I told her about the situation, she said it sounded like a case of fear biting. After his appointment tomorrow, I'll be posting an update.

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