Friday, February 1, 2008

Wood stove update

The wood stove has been smokin' ever since I wrote about it three weeks ago. It's wonderful. My favorite thing is being able to stand next to it when I'm chilly.

The best part (not to be confused with my favorite thing) is that we have substantially reduced the amount of propane we are using. Woo hoo! When I'm home, the propane heat does not run at all because the wood stove can keep the house at 65 or warmer. We've gone two whole days in freezing temps without using the propane heat. In fact, the second floor gets up to 69 or 70. At first we assumed it was because heat rises, but I think a huge contributor is the chimney that runs through our closet. It's a big radiant heater, of course. We were going to wall it in because it's not pretty, but we are trying to think "outside the box" and figure out how to make it more attractive without losing that heat.

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