Saturday, April 22, 2006

New turkeys in the midst of a busy week

The creek went down the day after my last post, so we were able to put the bridge back in place, and it's working well. Much of this past week was spent getting ready to be an exhibitor and a speaker at the Illinois Sustainable Living and Wellness Expo, which began yesterday and continues through today. Thursday, when we were really very busy with the expo preparations, our 63 new turkeys poults arrived. After losing 60% of our turkeys last year, I was very concerned (maybe even paranoid) about doing everything right and checking on the new poults frequently. At one point, the heat lamp had mysteriously stopped working, but no one got chilled, and so far, they're doing okay.

If you're wondering why these turkeys are a beautiful gray color, it's because 53 of them are blue slates. There are 10 broad-breasted bronze, which look like the old-fashioned pilgrim pictures that we all saw as kids. Slates were the fifth most popular breed in 1901, but today, there are only a few hundred left in the entire country. With the purchase of these poults, we are hoping to start our own breeding flock to help change that.


june in florida said...

Deborah, glad to see your blogging again. I check every day and have passed the word about your blog. The chicks are gorgeous.Glad to hear your a Mother Earth reader, its such a great magazine and must be quite helpful to you. Keep the blogs coming, i know you must be busy but i realy enjoy them, ty...June

Deborah said...

Sorry I haven't written in a few days. Just got home about an hour ago from the expo. Wow! It was very interesting. Will post a long blog tomorrow!


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