Sunday, April 9, 2006

Just a perfect day

Today was the kind of day that I love out here. I spent the entire afternoon outside without a jacket. I walked all over the pastures, and I walked along the creek. I sat and listened to a chorus of wild birds, watched the ducks on the creek and watched the dog and the donkey play. I saw a wild rabbit running through the woods and found a decomposing squirrel near the creek. Bluebells are springing up everywhere and many have buds. In another week, the meadow will be a beautiful blue!

I didn't do anything big today, just dozens of little things that are important ... like walking the fenceline looking for holes and watching the sheep to figure out how they've been getting out of their pasture. Having them contained for only a few hours, it would be premature to declare victory, but I am hopeful. It was very funny to watch Cheyenne as she walked along her old escape hatch trying to figure out what happened! Finally she laid down and stared at it for a long time before deciding that the grass was green enough to eat on this side of the fence.

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