Friday, August 16, 2013

Making soap

We've recently been making goat milk soap. Or I should say, Mike has been making soap -- a couple hundred bars to be somewhat more precise. We were almost completely out. I think we had four or five bars left. I have to say that we have the most wonderfully patient customers in the world. Even though the soap page on the website has said "sold out" for years, our regular customers email and ask when we'll have anything available. Sometimes we have something, but I haven't had time to update the site, so I tell them what fragrances we have, and they send the money via Paypal, and we ship the soap. And before I've had time to update the website, we are again truly sold out.

I don't even know the last time I looked at the soap page on the website before today, but I see it needs a complete update because I now use all organic oils in the soap, and the scented soaps use only essential oil for fragrance. And I use only sustainably-grown palm oil.

A few months ago, I asked Mike what was his favorite product that we produce on the farm, and he said, "Soap." So, we are going to work on actually getting ahead with our soapmaking. And then we'll update the website with pay buttons and everything. At least, that's the goal.

This also means that we will have plenty of choices available for this Saturday's Farm Crawl.

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Briarpatch said...

I am one of the earliest soap customers and have to say I couldn't do without it. If you are thinking of making some unusual ones, I would love to buy some Dead Sea Mud soap again. Very exotic and special. I really like the effect on my skin, although that might have been my imagination. Don't know if this can be done "totally organic" or not. Anyway I would like to buy a few bars of a variety of scents to give as hostess gifts.


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