Sunday, March 18, 2012

What's wrong with these beautiful pictures?

 Daffodils blooming

 Rose bush leafing out

 Pear tree ready to bloom
Cherry blossoms
It's March 18! In case you're wondering why that's a problem, it's because we have NEVER had daffodils blooming in mid-March in Illinois! Last year, the daffodils were blooming at the end of April. In 2010, the fruit trees had blossoms, and the daffodils were blooming in mid-April. Looking through my blog over the years, it appears that my memory has not failed me. Daffodils do appear in mid-April -- normally -- not mid-March. Rose bushes do not have green leaves on them, nor do pear trees or cherry bushes bloom in March.

Everything is coming out of hibernation. The bees are buzzing around pollinating the blossoms. The dayliles are coming up, as well as the irises and the tulips. We have made a temporary pen in the front yard for the goats so that they can get out of the barn, which is too hot for them.

I don't see any positive end to this. If we go back to normal temperatures, all of the buds will freeze, so we won't have any fruit this year. If these record-breaking temperatures continue, I can hardly imagine what that will mean for us this summer. We've been having temperatures well above normal since October. And the temperatures have been in the 80s for several days now, and they're predicting they will continue for several more days before falling into the 70s. Normal high for March is 50s with freezing temperatures overnight. The low tonight is supposed to be 62.


Carolyn Renee said...

I know the weather hasn't been "normal" this winter, but I have to admit that I'm REALLY enjoying it! Hope it stays!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Me? I'm just going with the flow. Spent the afternoon planting flower seeds, lettues, spinach, radishes and then just for fun, a row of beans. Living on the edge in Chatsworth!

Anonymous said...

Yeah i was thinking apparently i needed to plant my brocoli and beets in february. So agrivated this warm snap is going to beat us like a red headed stepchild before its over. Dang like you said no win situation now.

Charlotte said...

Same thing here. I live in zone 8 and it's like zone 10-Tropics. Last summer we saw 110 degrees for the first time I can ever remember. I am concerned.

Elin said...

Well, it might not be that bad. Last year we had an unusally early and hot spring which was followed by a good but normally warm summer and it all ended in an unusually warm and long autumn as well. It was really all good so hopefully it is the same for your this year.

tami said...

I found a "wooly bear" this weekend. What's up with that? In March? And it was ALL black.

When I showed it to my husband he said " Don't you know it's the end of the world this year?"

Down here in NC we seem to cycle around every 5-7 years with 100 degree summers and drought. The bugs are insane right now...This can NOT bode well for the garden this year.

Nancy K. said...

I'm with Elin ~ there's not a darned thing that I can do about this weather and I truly am enjoying it so I'm planting seeds and hoping for the best!

I do worry about what the summer will be like and am aware that the sheep will need to be dewormed more often but if that's the worst that happens, I'd be happy if it was like this EVERY year!

As long as it doesn't get any hotter...

Johnpaul said...

Wow what a huge collection, All images are looking good, Thanks a lot for sharing beautiful pictures


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