Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ladies in waiting

Who will kid or farrow first?

Julia the pig, whose due date was Saturday, according to an online pig gestation calculator that I used almost four months ago --

Or Skippy the mini mancha who is at day 147?

She's got such a tiny baby bump, I'm glad she has an udder, or I wouldn't necessarily know she's pregnant. I'll be surprised if she has more than one, but then she is a yearling.

Or Miss Kitty the Nigerian dwarf yearling who is also at day 147?

Miss Kitty is really not looking like she is pregnant, but she also has an udder, so I have my hopes up. I've never had a ND with a precocious udder, and I hope she isn't the first.

And then there is Girlfriend the mini mancha, who isn't due until Thursday at the earliest, but she's bigger than either of the other goats, so I'm hoping she has twins doelings with gopher ears! Yes, I know, I want everything!

The only day that I have anything planned is Monday, so of course, that would be the logical time for everyone to go into labor, but everyone's tail ligaments still are as solid as steel, so I can't imagine they'll kid that soon.

As for Julia, the poor pig is so huge and miserable. The only time she stands up is if you bring food, and then she flails like a turtle that's stuck on its back. It's kind of scary, but so far she has always managed to get herself up. Her belly is dragging in the straw when she does attempt walking. Last year, she had nine, so I'm thinking she'll have more this year.

It's going to be an exciting week!


LindaG said...

Good luck! Hope everything happens uneventfully.
Have a great week!

MamaTea said...

Oh, gosh! What excitement! I'm guessing it's Mama Pig who goes first. But that might just be because I'm partial to piglets, seeing as how we're on week two with orphans right now. :) Good luck with everything!!!!

SkippyMom said...

Better Skippy than me. heehee But I carried my first babies the same. Small.

They are all looking gorgeous, but poor Momma Pig. I hope she gives birth first and SOON! Poor baby.

Good thoughts to y'all through this incredibly busy season. And hope there are a lot of does. :)

Jeremiah said...

Exciting! I know I am jumping the gun, but you will have to let us know what milk production is for the mini's. I'm intrigued by them. We are leaning towards full sized goats because of production, but love the ND's because of their conversion ratio and small size. Will be interested to hear more!

What bucks did you use with the MiniManchas; Nigerian Dwarf or Minimancha?

Deborah Niemann said...

The minis were bred to mini bucks. I don't think I could ever give up my NDs because their milk is so delicious! I hope the minis have equally delicious milk with high butterfat. I don't really like the la mancha's milk.

Nancy K. said...

OMG that poor pig!!!

Skippy looks like her baby has dropped into the birth canal. Should be within 24 to 48 hours...

Good luck!

The Weekend Homesteader said...

Wow, that pig is big! Good luck

Elin said...

Poor pig! I feel way too pregnant myself at the moment but nothing compared to that. I can however relate to only wanting to sleep all day and not walk more than is absolutely necessary...


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