Monday, November 8, 2010

What a week!

Last week was one of constant ups and downs, frustrations and celebrations. The microwave and heat both went out on Wednesday. Then a neighbor called to tell me that two of the llamas were in the field across the road. Friday afternoon I headed off to Minnesota and Wisconsin to pick up a couple of new animals. I have soap orders piling up, and I still don't know when I'm going to make more soap, but it should have been a couple days ago. My arthritis has been acting up, and I couldn't find time to get to either the chiropractor or the massage therapist, so my TENS unit has been keeping me functioning. I need to find the Time Store to see if I can buy an extra day or two, because everything is simply not fitting into the seven I've been allotted each week.

But I'm not complaining. It is all working out. The llamas ran right to me when I went out there, and they followed me home. Mike was able to fix the heat, and I decided that I shouldn't have a microwave anyway. Jonathan and I drove to Minnesota and brought home a new ram for our flock of Shetland sheep, and in Wisconsin, we picked up a gilt -- young female pig -- to start our breeding program with American Guinea Hogs, a critically endangered breed of swine.

The fall garden survived 18 degrees, so we're still enjoying fresh salads. We're using row covers and low tunnels. Over the next few days, I'm hoping to get up photos of the new ram and gilt, as well as the garden. I think the coyotes are also back, worse than ever, but I'm hoping that I'm wrong on that one. Sovalye the livestock guardian dog and Merlin the llama are both limping, and one of the sheep is missing. And I have a new project that I'm working on, which I'll also tell you about in a few days.


Anne said...

When it rains it pours! I've read about your coyote problems and now I have the critters all over my 100 acres. I got within 20 ft of a pup and the mother was maybe 50 feet away. They have no fear of me. It is surreal. I'm calling the trapper. I really feel for you. I hope things settle down for you. LOVE your blog!!

Nancy K. said...

You seemed so calm and relaxed at my place, I never would have guessed all that was going on in your world!

It was SO nice meeting you and Johnathon. I enjoyed sitting up and visiting with the two of you Friday night and hope we can get together for a longer visit sometime. I am somewhat interested in your Guinea Hog breeding project. Please keep me informed. I read the link you had about them and they seem like a possibility for the Bluff Country.

Scratch that little, moorit ram lamb for me if you get a chance!

I couldn't believe that ~ right after you left ~ I realized that I hadn't put his Scrapie ear tag in yet! *#^@~&

I'll have to put it in the mail to you...

Take a breath and enjoy your life now and then! ;-)

Sharon -- The OKI Stampqueen said...

Take a deep breath! You're beginning to sound like me! Whatever gets done-when it gets done--however it gets done--is good enough. My new motto! Blessings, Sharon

Jane said...

You wont miss that microwave at all. Good move.

Kathy ~ Cackles and Berries said...

wow- after reading all that - I needed to take a deep breath! :)

Not sure I would be able to go very long without a microwave. With 2 teenagers working odd hours, we use it a lot to re-heat food. I like to make plates when they aren't home for meals and then they can just pop it in the microwave to re-heat when they get home. Its a great convience -thats for sure. What does everyone else who doesn't have a microwave, use to re-heat food?


I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You :-)



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