Monday, August 16, 2010

Squash thoughts

Squash are the romantic comedies of the vegetable world. I tolerate them.

Rows of squash should be eight feet apart. Yes, I'm serious. I'm really, really serious.

In the dead of winter, when planning squash for the garden, don't just think about shapes. Think about color. Golden zucchini, patty pan, lemon squash, and scalloped squash are all white and yellow. A little green would have been nice.


Em said...

I only planted patty pan squash this year... It was good, but next year we really need more variety! AND I need to figure out a way to use it all differently.

Michelle said...

I TRIED for a variety of color, but zucchini hasn't done well this year. The yellow crookneck and pattypan have done a little TOO well....

Chef E said...

Hmmm, squash casserole does me just fine, using goat cheese :)

SkippyMom said...

I am with Chef E - bury it in a casserole, with lotsa' cheese and who cares about the color - herbs can add the green. :)

And I will happily take any non green squash off your hands. :)

Leigh said...

Our squash ended up getting squash beetles thus killing the easiest thing in our garden that is easy to grow. :(
Your squash looks fabulous!

Velva said...

I am city slicker with fantasies of homesteading. Chef E sent me your link knowing that I would love your blog. I do!
Although, you may not have any green squashes you still the have the vegetable that keeps on giving all season. The recipes are endless.

Deborah @ Antiquity Oaks said...

Em, if you're only going to grow one, patty pan is a good one! They're probably my favorite for frying and stir-fries.

Michelle and Em -- Katherine just made a chocolate zucchini cake, using a couple of the oversized patty pan squash. It's delicious!

Chef E and SkippyMom -- I love squash casseroles, too!

Leigh, We've had trouble with borers and squash bugs. This year, we planted the squash away from the regular garden, and we planted them in June. I think that helped a lot. This is the best squash crop we've had in years!

Velva, Welcome! And thanks to Chef E for telling you about my blog! Hope you continue to enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I miss not growing squash - each year the shield bugs a.k.a. stink bugs decimate my plantings. =( We garden without pesticides and have not found a way to get rid of these critters. *sighs* Your bounty looks fantastic!


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