Friday, August 27, 2010

Squash on television

Squash and cook top ready to go
on the set of The Morning Blend
Yesterday was definitely not a typical day in the life of a homesteader. I went to Milwaukee to talk squash on The Morning Blend, NBC's local morning show that comes on after Today. I had already spent Tuesday and Wednesday cooking up squash multiple times, because I had to get it done in five minutes.

I did an Asian stir-fry (garlic, ginger, and soy sauce), a Mexican stir-fry (garlic and a habanero), and an Italian stir-fry (garlic and basil) twice. In case you didn't know, I love garlic. The first one I tried was Mexican, and as I told you a couple days ago, I quickly realized that I should not do anything with hot peppers, because I got a whiff and started choking and gasping for air, which was not something I wanted to do on live television. I figured out what I needed to do to get it all done on camera in five minutes. Basically, the pan needed to be hot and squash needed to be sliced before the camera went on, and then I could chiffonade the basil and crush the garlic on air while the squash was cooking.

Sounded like a good plan. But then the cameras were rolling, and Molly and Tiffany started asking me questions. I was concentrating on answering the questions and suddenly thought that it seemed like it had been a few minutes. I looked down, and the squash appeared to be done. I suddenly remembered the basil and garlic! So, I went into panic mode inside and started thinking that I'd never get done in time, but I had to keep talking and appearing calm. I always told my college students that you feel worse on the inside than you look on the outside when you're speaking, and I'm glad to know I was right. When I watched the video, I didn't look nearly as panicked as I felt. Whew!

So, if you want to see how it went -- and see my simple and quick squash recipe -- click over to The Morning Blend site and watch!


Chicken Momma said...

Awesome segment! I just love that you got to talk about raising the heritage breeds and all the things you do and why.

And now I'm going to go pick the patty pans in the garden so I can make that stir fry.

Spinners End said...

Nice job Deborah! It is really hard to talk to someone while you are trying to concentrate let alone do it on live tv... Isn't that pampered chef garlic press awesome?!? You've inspired me to try planting patty pans next year, and I've just now learned the definition for "chiffonade".


Deborah @ Antiquity Oaks said...

Thanks, ladies! Patty pan squash are my favorite, and it's so sad that most people don't even know what they are.

Yes, I love my Pampered Chef garlic press and all of my baking stones.

Chiffonade sounds so fancy, but it's so simple and adds a nice touch to your food.

kathy said...

Great Job Deborah. I love squash & garlic, lots of it too and its always great to find new recipes.

Gail V said...

ooh, Deborah, you're helping me get creative with my own pile of yellow straightneck squash, thanks. Your TV spot was great, so well done. Thanks for posting the link here.

sheeps and me said...

I caught you on the morning blend on Thursday and they gave your web site so I'm checking you out. You are really one busy lady aren't you? With all the milk you get from the goats have you ever made cottage cheese? I'm still looking for a way to make it and haven't found anything good yet. Keep up all the great thing you are doing and I really have to give you credit for breaking away from the fast paced,move or I'll run you over world.

SkippyMom said...

You should be incredibly proud of youself - you did GREAT! And you look fabulous! [What are you 22 years old, god woman age already. heehee :)]

I don't know how you could cook and answer all their questions - and the one in the black shirt [sorry don't know their names] was rapid fire with hers...

I love how you were able to talk about the heritage breeds and how to sustain them you had to eat them. Kind of threw them for a loop until you explained that there needs to be a market for them otherwise no demand/no supply. Nice.

Next up Good Morning America! and then Oprah! woohoo

Deborah @ Antiquity Oaks said...

sheeps and me -- Welcome! Sorry I can't help you on the cottage cheese recipe. We don't eat it, so I've never tried it. A couple months ago, they had a cottage cheese recipe in the newsletter from New England Cheesemaking, so it might be on their website, Good luck!

kathy and Gail V -- Hope you enjoy the new ideas for your squash. Believe it or not, I made squash again for lunch yesterday, which made it four days in a row! I used peanut oil, garlic and soy sauce for a Chinese taste.

SkippyMom -- You are so sweet! I looked 22? I was having so much trouble with my hair looking flat, and I was complaining to my husband that it made me look old and frumpy. LOL

WorkingGoats4 said...

You looked like a pro! Like those people you see on National tv!! Very cool Deborah! Way to go!


Haley said...

It was a great segment! I couldn't tell you were panicked at all!

And I agree with SkippyMom, you look incredibly young. You really have 3 grown children?? I find it really surreal to see videos of people I've only read before.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the TV hosts cared about the recipe much since your life in general is so interesting. It wasn't like a normal cooking segment where they hand you the little glass containers of garlic, etc. and ask questions about the food while you are preparing. You handled it well under pressure. -Kari

Susan B said...

You did great! I couldn't tell you were nervous. I can't believe all you get done. In this heat I can hardly function outside! I live near Milwaukee so I am going to have to check out the farm you talked about in your other post.


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