Monday, August 2, 2010

Another take on sandwiches

I hate sandwiches. At least, that's what I would have said if you would have asked me that question a few days ago. That was before I discovered the most delectable sandwich imaginable -- worthy of a four-star restaurant.

When I was looking for a pesto recipe, I came upon the idea of using pesto in a sandwich with mozzarella. Hmm, that has possibilities, I thought. So, I baked several French baguettes, and we layered them with homemade pesto, parmesan, mozzarella, and garden-fresh tomato slices. The homemade pesto is merely olive oil blended with freshly-harvested basil, garlic, and our own goat milk parmesan. Although we didn't grow the wheat for the bread flour, everything else was homegrown.

The side dish is golden zucchini stir-fried in unrefined sesame oil with freshly crushed garlic and red pepper. Mike spent a good chunk of Saturday afternoon harvesting all of our garlic. Final count was around 40 bulbs of garlic, almost all softneck. For whatever sad reason, the hardneck didn't do very well. Only four of them grew. Oh well, that's why we grow a variety of varieties. Some like our climate and soil better than others. We have enough garlic to last at least a few months.

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LindaG said...

Sounds and looks pretty tasty. :)

angie said...

Hi Deborah,

I laughed at your "so I baked several Baguettes" comment. Like it is nothing to all to just whip them up! :)

Christy said...

Oh, I can see how this would change your mind about sandwiches!

Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist said...

Hi Deborah, would love it if you would consider sharing this post or another of your insightful blogs at Monday Mania. Hope to see you there!

Robert said...

I have a great pesto recipe, but it takes forever on the front end. I typically take a small bucket and a pair of scissors out to the garden and selectively snip away until I get enough basil leaves. It takes longer to collect the leaves than to make the pesto once I have the leaves. Could you please share your process as I am sure it is quicker? Thanks!!!


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