Friday, June 11, 2010

Kids grow up so fast!

It would be tough for me to say which I love more, goat babies or goat cheese. Neither one lasts very long around here. We eat the goat cheese quickly, and the kids grow up just as fast.

These are two of Cicada's boys. Remember the triplet bucklings with the floppy ears? Well, their ears are all perfectly erect now, just like they're supposed to be. The boys are still just as cute though.

I call these two Little Spot and Big Spot, because they look the same except for the spots on their back ends, which are different sizes. These two cuties will be wethered and sold as pets.
The February and March kids are really growing up! Carmen's doeling is on the left, and Andi's girls are the two on the right. I'll be keeping Andi's doe in the middle.

And this is my sweet little Agnes Grey, out of Anne Bronte. She is just as loving as her mama, and she is staying right here on Antiquity Oaks.

Of course, Athena's single doeling has grown up to be quite a big girl. With no competition at the buffet, she gets more than enough to eat. She'll be going to live at another goat farm next week when she turns two months old.

And Annie Oakley's 4-pound buckling is still bigger than both of his siblings. He'll be wethered and sold as a pet.

This is Annie Oakley's doeling. She's a cutie, except for the green ear. We were tattooing earlier, so the green will wear off within a few days. As much as I'd love to keep her, I'm already keeping five doelings, which is about three too many, so this little darling needs to be sold.

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LindaG said...

Glad to hear things are going a little better.
They are all very cute. There will be some lucky people out there.
Have a blessed weekend!


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