Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update on Trooper

Thank you to everyone who has read about Trooper and responded through Blogger and Facebook. You have many great suggestions, such as contacting the vet school to see if treatment would be less expensive there, if surgery is necessary. I know their livestock treatment options are considerably less expensive than private vets.

After many excellent suggestions for a name, we thought that Trooper was the name that really fit him. It honors everything he's already been through and will go through as he continues to heal. He is quite a Trooper! Cupid was a close second because he is such a lover, and he showed up just in time for Valentine's Day.

Several people have now contacted me privately through Facebook or commented on here that I should set up a fund to help pay for Trooper's medical costs since he is a rescue. Initially, I replied that it wasn't necessary, but I have to admit that I am thinking about cost when deciding what to do next with him. And after seeing him poop this morning, I think x-rays may be in order. Yesterday, Katherine told me that his poop looked oddly flat, and he seemed to be straining. It was before the vet visit, so I didn't think much of it, especially having no idea of what he had been eating. But then this morning, she said he pooped four separate times during his walk, and the poop was always flat. So, I am wondering if there is some kind of obstruction in his pelvis.

Otherwise, he seems pretty happy. We're keeping him in the barn office, because he only has one step up to get in there. He'd have to go up eight steps to get into our house, and then it's two stories. He is not supposed to be doing any more walking that absolutely necessary. He sleeps all the time now that he's on medication. He even sleeps through all of Mike's hammering and sawing, because we're working on new kidding pens out there. (Kidding starts in about 10 days!) When we take him outside, though, it's obvious the pain meds are working well, because he seems to want to explore a lot. Leash walking is definitely necessary to keep him from overdoing it.

If you would like to donate something to his care, you can send it to Deborah at Antiquity Oaks dot com through PayPal, and just put something about Trooper in the comment section. If anything is left over, I will use it to care for future deserted animals. We try to get the stray cats spayed and neutered, but can't always afford it in a timely manner -- meaning that the boys will reach sexual maturity and start to stray or the females reach sexual maturity and get pregnant. I'm happy to say we've only had one female get pregnant in the last seven years, and that's because we underestimated her age. We currently have two male cats that should be neutered (the two kittens that were dumped last summer), which I was going to do in the next week or two, before Trooper showed up. Please don't donate any more than you can afford comfortably, and if you live on a farm, I know you already have your own little charity cases to care for, since so many people think that they're giving animals a second chance by dumping them in the country.

Thank you again for all of the great suggestions and offers to help. You're really terrific!


SkippyMom said...

I am so happy you decided to do this. Now if I can figure out paypal [argh ;)] I will happily send a donation. You are such a good person, thank you.

I will post about this on my blog later today - right now I have a post up that I would like my Tadpoles to read [I hope you understand] but I know that Trooper's cause is very important too. I just wish there weren't people in the world that would do this to a poor animal.

To be honest - I don't think he jumped/fell out of the back of a truck - I think he was tossed. Which really makes me angry.

Thanks again for doing this. You are a special person. [I love that you picked "Trooper" - you are right about it fitting because of his travails - but he looks like a lil' State Trooper in their brown uniforms. LOL. Give him big love from us]

Deborah @ Antiquity Oaks said...

Someone else sent me a message through Facebook also saying that she's never used Paypal before, so I'll add the option of sending a check:
Deborah Niemann-Boehle
P. O. Box 181
Cornell, IL 61319

Deborah @ Antiquity Oaks said...

And thanks for mentioning it on your blog. It's not a problem if you post it tomorrow or even later. I'm afraid his problems won't be going away too soon.


Trooper is a great name.

I just friended you on Facebook. I couldn't figure out how to network there with your blog. Sorry.

Great plan with the paypal.

Candy T said...

I'm so glad Trooper is doing well. I also understand the tough decisions you have to make regarding the cost of caring for strays. We are now up into the $400 + on Bob, the dumped off cat, who is now living with us. We are pretty sure he was throw from a car too. I really hope there is a special place in hell for those people that abuse animals.

SkippyMom said...

Hello again! I put a post up at my blog and I hope you don't mind that I borrowed a pic' of him [gosh he is so cute!].

I hope he [and everyone] is doing well. Take care and good luck.

Deborah @ Antiquity Oaks said...

Thanks, SkippyMom! I can't believe how much weight he's gained. I think he was out by himself for quite a while. He has really filled out in a short amount of time!

Susan said...

My daughter was upset we had our cats 'fixed'. However, once we explained how the cat/dog overpopulation affects how they are treated, she understood.

Tammy said...

Hope Trooper continues to improve, and he isn't as bad off as you fear. Good food, rest and love can do allot for them. I found a dog (Boone) along the road about 4 years ago and he was a rack of bones (about 60 lbs underweight), had lots of wounds and mange. He ended up costing quite a bit over the next year, but he is a fine dog and I don't regret the money spent. He is a purebred Dogue de Bordeaux, chipped as well, but the chip was untraceable as the owners/breeders (suspect puppy mill breeder) didn't register it. He still has issues with limping and I'm sure surgery would benefit him, but I can't afford it, so we go the route of controlling the pain with meds when needed. Which is most likely what I would do for myself as well! ;-) He has been a costly 'free dog', but has brought allot of joy along the way. Good luck with Trooper.


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