Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two steps forward, one step back for Trouper

Just when we thought that Trouper was doing so well, he gave me a little scare last night when I walked him. He seemed to be straining when he was squatting to pee. It was dark, and I couldn't see anything, so I convinced myself I was just paranoid. Then this morning, Katherine ran inside and said, "Mom, Trouper is peeing blood!"

It wasn't even eight o'clock yet, and I hadn't showered or had breakfast, but when the vet's receptionist said they could see him at 8:30 a.m. or 2 p.m., I said, "We can be there at 8:30!" I thought he must surely be dieing. After all, he is on antibiotics, so it couldn't be an infection. He must be bleeding internally, right?

For the third time in six days, we found ourselves sitting in the exam room at the vet office. The vet examined him, and we got a urine sample. He checked Trouper's kidney function, and it was normal. The vet said that when he was in vet school, they had a dog come in that had been hit by a car, and his kidney had been busted and was leaking urine into the dog's abdominal cavity, so it had to be removed. I was thankful that Trouper didn't have that problem!

Apparently, we should not be surprised to see blood in Trouper's urine. It is not uncommon after being hit by a car. The blood is not exactly new, since some of it is brown. Sometimes it is bright red, and sometimes it's pink. So, all sorts of stuff is going on in his poor bladder or kidneys. The reason he is straining is because he sometimes passes blood clots. When I walk him, I can't watch him. It hurts to see him trying to pee and only getting out a few red drops or a little squirt. But, the vet said that as long as he is peeing, it's better to just let him keep trying, rather than putting in a catheter, which would just irritate things even more.

Since we still have snow everywhere, I don't have to watch him straining to know what he is doing. When I feel him take a couple steps on the end of the leash, I can look back at the snow and see what he did. We humans just have to sit tight. Trouper is already on an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory, and a pain pill. And the vet said that Trouper's flat, ribbon-shaped poop just means that he still has a lot of swelling "back there" too. At least I can say that his horribly scraped-up belly looks like it is healing, and the swelling is going down "down there." (You know, I can't use some words in my blog, or I'll get crazy spam in the comment section!)

And in case you noticed that I've changed the spelling of Trouper's name, it's because a friend of mine pointed out that "a person who deals with and persists through difficulty or hardship without complaint" is a trouper. Since that definition fits him to a T, I figured I should spell his name correctly.


Heidi said...

He is so lucky to have found someone to take such good care of him. You have such a big heart. Many positive thoughts being sent to you and Trouper.

Sharon -- The OKI Stampqueen said...

Continued prayers--for all of you! It's so hard to watch animals who are sick and/or healing-even when you KNOW you are doing everything you possibly can for them. It took the vet and my family at least a year to get one of our cats "back to normal". It was a struggle in more ways than one-and today-you'd never know that cat almost didn't make it more than once! Here's to HEALTHY days ahead...Blessings, Sharon

Margaret said...

Aw, poor kiddo. :( Give Trouper a hug for me, he sounds like a really nice little guy. I take it he's getting along with Joy all right?

Dianea said...

God sent Trouper to someone who he knew would care for him and treat him with dignity and for than I THANK you. I too have been gifted with an injuried dog and she still will not go near a car and is on mediction for anxiety.That was 1 year ago but she is a sweet OLD dog. She has lost one tooth thus far. She can barley walk but she is all ways ready for treats. She just wants loves. I bet Trouper will become your guard now.
I just wanted to say thanks for caring for him. His previous owners should be shot for the treatment of him.


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