Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Continuing adventures in mold-ripened cheese

I told you I'd try again, and I did! There was no problem with humidity being too low this time. We definitely wound up with more edible cheese, although there are still a couple wrinkles. That liquid between the rind and the curd is quite pungent -- more pungent than we enjoy. I read that geotrichum candidum is supposed to keep the rind from separating, so I think I'll put a pinch in my next batch. Maybe that will help? Any other suggestions? Other than the liquid part, this cheese is deliciously addictive!


SkippyMom said...

Yum. Looks good sorry it was a wee bit smelly. Keep making more!

Caprifool said...

But ooooh, the liquid part looks just fine! Well, the whole cheese looks just like.....heaven! Everything that I looks for in a good goats cheese is there. Yes, the wrinkles too! :-) If I didn't enjoy that kind of cheese, I would keep on making it for those who do and ad a nother chease to my repertoar that is more to my likeing.

Raheli said...

It could also have to do with the milk. For cows, the end of the season is the time for very soft, un-structured, strong cheeses. If you try again at the beginning of the milking season, you may find that you do everything exactly the same way, and it turns out completely differently.
You can also try aging it less, so the flavors won't be quite as strong.

Hope Hall said...

So great to see your picture. I just made a cheese that looks exactly the same, skin slip and a little milky under skin, but delicious and for the first time it tasted goaty. My chevre is yummy but not complex so I was excited to make a cheese that has some umph to it. I am going to keep trying this fall to see if I can get the skin to hold on. Have you tried again? Any advice? Since ours look so very similar, I figure any luck you have in changes will likely work for me! I ate it and lived, i so I guess it is good, just not the idea look.

Deborah @ Antiquity Oaks said...

Welcome to my blog, Hope! Funny you should read this post now because today we ate my latest attempt at mold ripened cheese. I went with a completely different recipe, and it is more like a mozzarella or havarti with mold. It is quite firm and more dry than it should be. It tastes good though. I took it to a party, and it was gone before my chèvre.


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