Monday, October 19, 2009

How they've grown!

You think human babies grow fast? Animals on the homestead change on a daily basis. I can hardly believe that these New Hampshire pullets are only five weeks old! To see what they looked like last month, click here.

They're still inside because they need the heat lamp, especially now that it's hovering around freezing at night. I haven't spotted any obvious cockerels yet, but there always seem to be a couple when you order pullets. We'll probably keep one or two roosters, but any more than that, and we'll be having fried chicken in December. New Hampshires are supposed to be excellent dual purpose birds (productive egg layers and hearty meat birds), so we'll probably hatch some eggs next spring to provide us with meat and a few young layers.

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hippygirl said...

That is my plan, too. We only have two New Hampshires left, so I will end up with Orpington and Orpington/New Hampshire mix, which should be a good mix since both are dual purpose.


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