Friday, October 16, 2009

A happy ending

Someone told me that your eyes heal faster than any other part of your body, and I'm thinking she's right. The doctor today told me that my eye is about 80% healed, and my vision is already at 20/25 in that eye, which is much better than Wednesday when my left eye couldn't read any of the lines on the near vision chart with my reading glasses!

The doctor took the contact lens out of my eye, and when the numbing drops wore off about an hour later, it once again felt like I had something in it, but it wasn't anything like the pain I had on Wednesday. I have to remind myself that there is nothing in my eye, and rubbing it won't help.

The worst part was that the ER nurse was a little overzealous with the dilating drops she put in my eye before I went to the ophthalmologist office. My eye was still dilated today, which made light exposure painful. I spent all of yesterday in my bedroom with the shades down, and I put on sunglasses when I went into the dining room, because it's very bright in there.

As someone said in a comment on my last post, it's a good thing I didn't talk myself out of going to the ER. Even after they'd flushed my eye with an entire liter of fluid, they weren't content until they'd checked the pH of my eye to be sure it was back to normal -- in other words, they checked the pH to make sure there was no lye left in there. That's not something I could have done -- would have thought to do -- at home. And having the contact lens in my eye for the last two days made the whole thing a lot less painful. It really did work like a band-aid on my eyeball.

I'm glad that other soapmakers and future soapers have seen my last post. Hopefully, you'll remember it and will always use eye protection when you get anywhere near lye. Mike and I went out to the barn today where I was making soap when all of this happened, and we both had a whole new respect for the lye. As you can imagine, I left quite a mess out there, because I just dropped everything and ran when the lye got into my eye. But my vision is way more important than a few extra minutes of clean-up later.


MaskedMan said...

Good news!

I wasn't going to mention anything about the way the eye heals; I didn't want to whip-saw you in case you had complications.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Hooray! I'm so glad that you eye is getting better and better! What a scare. My lady is re-thinking her idea trying to make the lye soap because she is clumsy and is always splashing herself and dropping things so lye wouldn't be a good thing for her...hee hee


Gee Deborah. This is wonderful news!! I am so happy for you. I had heard of the rapid healing of the eye too. So glad you went to the ER. You are one smart and lucky lady. Lucky your son was home and could drive you.

Keep us posted, but I'm sure now that you'll be just fine.


Nancy K. said...

What wonderful news! I am SO happy for you, Deborah! I tried to leave a comment on your privous post but Blogger wasn't letting me post (for several days!). It kept saying I was using the incorrect password. I wasn't ~ but Blogger wouln'd let me comment on anybody's blog. :-(

Nancy K. said...

OK. So where's the CREME' BRULEE PIE RECIPE????

Do you have ANY idea of how much I LOVE creme' brulee?

Deborah said...

Hi Nancy! Oh, I hate it when Blogger is acting up! Glad you finally got back in.

Here's the creme brulee pie recipes:

Mom L said...

So glad it's doing better! I can't imagine the pain the lye caused you - just the thought of something attacking my eyes scares me!

Nancy in Iowa


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