Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goats in fall

After today's earlier disgusting post, I feel like I owe you one. I went out into the pasture and the woods, far from the nasty beetles and took a few pictures of the goats and the beautiful fall colors.

This is Star, the first goat I ever milked. She provided us with a lot of milk our first couple years out here. She is 10 years old now and enjoying her retirement. That little doe in the background is her daughter from a year ago.

Here's Hercules, my la mancha wether. (La manchas don't have ears. They're born that way.) He's the sire of my two la mancha does, but I just couldn't let him remain a buck since he proves the adage that, "for goats, fences are merely a suggestion!" He got in with my little Nigerian girls multiple times. Luckily, no one wound up pregnant, because that could have had a tragic ending.

And here's Annie. She's two years old. I just took a picture of her because she planted herself in front of me as I sat down on a thorny limb that was hiding under the leaves. Yeah, that hurt.

It was a lovely day to just sit and watch them munch on leaves.


Ann Duncan said...

Thank you for the peek at your lovely friends and perfectly scrumptious surroundings...ahh...


Michelle said...

I didn't remember that you also have La Manchas. They probably care naught for their lovely setting, but it IS beautiful!

Anonymous said...


Love the pictures! If only I had trees like that......

You're goats don't seems to be as fluffy as mine. Maybe cause mine have no wind break, so they feel the cold more?!?!?

Nonetheless, they look like happy goats! At least yours are "in" the pen. It seems like I go to all of the work of moving their pen, just so they can stick their heads out the holes and eat. Then, the four ban together and move the fence! How dare they use thier powers against me! LOL Goats are funny, aren't they?


SkippyMom said...

Oh, I could look at their pics all day, so lovely.

I love the new banner too. They are so lined up! Hee.

I want a goat. I have a dacshund, want to trade? ;)

Deborah said...

I could have stayed out there for hours yesterday. The temperature was perfect. There was no wind. And as you said, it was so beautiful. Today is supposed to rain. :(

Glad you like the new banner SkippyMom. I couldn't believe how lucky I was! I just happened to be standing at the bottom of the middle pasture with a camera when I saw the goats walking like that. It all came together so perfectly!


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