Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Goat fun

I had this brilliant idea to take pictures of the two bottle babies wearing my bichon's T-shirts. One says "Spoiled" and the other "High Maintenance," which is absolutely accurate when talking about Joy the bichon and the bottle-baby kids. Unfortunately, you can't read what the shirts say, but you can see how crazy the little doelings are about their bottle. They each started with their own bottle, but Hester drinks faster than her sister, so when her bottle was empty, she decided she just had to have some of Pearl's milk!

"Hey, I want that! You got more milk than me!"

"No, I didn't! You're just a piggy! You drank yours too fast! This is my milk!"

"Maaaaaaaa! Maaaaaa! She got my milk!"


Anonymous said...

Really cute Deborah!!!


Deborah! They are sooooo cute! I bottle fed twins once. they really do know what they want and they want it now!

hippygirl said...

They are cute in those t-shirts. :)

MaskedMan said...

It's the Malicious Milk Matchup!

In the green corner, you have Hester the Bottle Molester!

And in the Red corner, you've got My Girl Pearl!

Are you ready to RUUUUMBLE..?!


Anonymous said...

LOL MaskedMan - very funny!!! Very creative!!


Deborah said...

LOL! That is very funny! Funnier than my captions!


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