Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Plum harvest

No, this is not representative of our plums. This is our entire plum harvest. But, keep in mind that we only planted the trees two years ago, so I was happily surprised to find three tiny plums on one of the trees last week. Yesterday I decided to pick them since there were a few Japanese beetles on the tree, and the plums are flawless. I was afraid that I'd come back in a couple days to find them full of holes.

Our garden is yielding lots of tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, green beans, and onions. How are your gardens doing? Finding anything exciting at the farmer's markets?


MaskedMan said...


Oh, you mean the drought-killed brown spot? It's brown. And spotty.


Jannette Johnson said...

I lost my green peppers and eggplant, but so far everything else is doing great!

Already have an orange pumpkin and the squash has taken over half the garden (I didn't know they were a vine).

Next year will be better, and I plan on having some mesh to put over everything so the critters don't get to them.

J. M. Strother said...

Nice looking plumbs. I got a real chuckle out of , "no this is not representative..." At least it's three more plumbs than you had last year. :)

Got many tomatoes, but they were pretty tasteless. I hear it's because of the cooler and wetter summer than normal. Evidently tomatoes don't like to be comfortable. Go figure.

Carolina Trekker said...

Our son came for lunch on Tuesday. He's unmarried & it's the only way to get him motivated to come visit...bribe him with food! Was able to harvest enough Okra to go with our lunch. I planted it just for him. He was a happy camper. Farmer's Market is Saturday..keep you posted. I'm enjoying your body butter. The Red Clover has such a wonderful clean scent. Nice plumbs!

Shula said...

We have a spaghetti squash that is taking over, I didn't know they were a vine either. But I am very happy with the orange cherry tomatoes this year. 3 isn't bad for the first year.

Chajara said...

I'm in an apartment with a balcony, so my only option is to put my vegetable garden in containers. I've been at it two years now and still have so much to learn.

This year I learned that you can still get soil diseases in your strawberries if you buy them from Lowe's and plant them in potting soil. I also learned that not only is Miracle-Gro tomato food deficient in calcium, leading to a lovely batch of tomatoes with blossom-end rot, but they're also owned by Monsanto. I'd rather not give that awful company a dime, so next year I'll be making my own compost out there. I asked my boyfriend how he'd feel about me keeping a worm farm over the winter for compost, but he immediately nixed that idea (he's got his limits, I guess.)

On the bright side, I've got oodles of lovely pole beans and should have some nice hot peppers here pretty soon. Not as good as I'd liked to have things turn out, but I'm still glad to have the opportunity to learn. One day I'll be planting these things in the ground, and what I learn now will come in handy then. :)


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