Sunday, August 30, 2009

New ram lamb!

Fairy presented us with this handsome little fellow nearly two weeks ago. Sorry I haven't shared this sooner, but it's no good to share baby news without pictures, which I didn't have until yesterday. Doesn't it look like he's wearing a bib?

While I am thrilled that I'm finally getting brown lambs, I'm pretty sure it's because Teddy is both sire and grandsire of the little bugger. (He is Fairy's sire.) About five months ago, he busted through two livestock panels to get to the ewes. I knew someone had to be in heat for him to do that, but I didn't know whom. All the rams were actually running around with the ewes at that point, but Teddy, being the dominant male, was probably the sire. Although this little guy will likely become lamb chops next year, I am thinking that maybe I should go ahead and get Teddy and the other rams DNA tested, since it seems to be nearly impossible to keep them away from the ewes sometimes.


Nancy K. said...

He does look like he's wearing a bib! Too cute. Looks like a really good sized ram lamb with good, solid bone mass.

Deborah said...

You're so observant. I hadn't noticed it before, but his legs are as thick as his mother's. (That's Fairy standing behind him.) He is a big boy, isn't he!

Claire said...

What a cute little ram, and very sturdy indeed! He looks like he's been playing in melted chocolate.

I'm confused about the DNA testing - is that so you can determine the brown aspect? Or another reason?

Deborah said...

I don't know the sire since the rams busted into the ewes' pen. Since we will likely eat this little guy, it doesn't really matter for him, but I already have a ewe from last year whose sire is unknown, and we just had another one born too, so it's getting ridiculous. I need to put my breeding groups miles apart! Five-six months ago, the rams busted through two livestock panels.

Terri and Randy Carlson said...

Cute little guy! Aren't shetlands seasonal breeders like Icelandics? We never have unexpected lambs, and our rams are in with the ewes all summer.

Deborah said...

I remember reading an article in my Shetland magazine a few years ago about fall lambing. Last year, I had planned not to breed my ewes. I mistakenly thought that they would not be cycling by April and wound up with five single September lambs, so they are seasonal breeders, but apparently their season is kind of long! And they don't ovulate "much" that late, since they all had singles. All my summer lambs this year are also singles.

Juliann said...

Hi Deborah,

Are you registering everyone? If not, I wouldn't spend the money on testing. I'd expecially hold off on testing a ram unless I'm positive he's breeding quality.
Last year I spent a lot of money having a promising ram lamb tested, then decided by fall I didn't like how he turned out.

Mom L said...

I love his sturdy little legs! That was the first thing I noticed, and I'm just a cat owner. He's gorgeous.

Nancy in Atlanta

therealbobthought said...

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Deborah said...

Juliann, I'll probably be contacting you to get info on the testing, since I also have two ewes that have unknown sires.

Mom L, thanks! I could just stare at him all day, and I really don't know that much about sheep either!

Welcome, Bob, and thanks for stopping by to say hi! Hope you'll visit us again!


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