Saturday, July 4, 2009

Triplet kids

Yesterday, we went to an early Independence Day celebration at my husband's sister's house, and we returned home to a happy surprise -- Caboose had just given birth to triplets. The kids were all still wet, and only two were wobbling around. Caboose is one of our best goats in both show and milk, and her kids are quite popular. It's not much of a surprise that she had three. She was pretty big, and she usually has triplets or quads. I'm glad she had two does though, because there were several people who wanted does from her. You can see one and a half of the does here. The little buck is laying down behind the girls. I took four pictures, and sadly, this was the best of the bunch. They were all lining up beautifully until I pulled out the camera.

We have five more does due to kid in the next month, including Viola the la mancha, who was bred to a Nigerian buck, so she'll hopefully have little earless goats. Even if they are born with Nigerian ears, though, there are people who want them. A lot of people seem to be getting into dairy goats this year.


Nancy K. said...

Congratulations! Will Caboose be able to rear all three kids by herself or will you supplement one?

Thanks for DM on twitter. I figured that is how to do it. One of the people I want to DM doesn't show up on the drop down menu when I select that option. She's listed as a follower and someone that I follow yet when I click on Direct Message, her name does not appear....

humpft! technology!

Have a Splendid - Carefree Weekend!!

Mom L said...

Congratulations - can't wait to see more pictures of all 3 of them!

Nancy in Atlanta

Deborah said...

Unless two of the kids turn out to be real piggies and keep the third one from nursing, I won't need to supplement. I've checked their tummies, and they all feel full. Caboose is an amazing milker and has raised triplets in the past. We just milked her for a whole year before drying her off a couple months ago.


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