Friday, July 17, 2009

Piglets arrive

It was a busy day for us. Katherine and I went to pick up four piglets from a farmer downstate who raises them without any drugs or vaccines. One of these little ones will become our pork in about five or six months. A couple of them are reserved for friends' freezers, and one has not been spoken for yet.

Our drive down was pretty uneventful, except I had a migraine and kept thinking that I should have stayed home and sent someone else to pick them up. But now that Margaret has officially moved to Urbana, there are only four of us, and Mike and Jonathan had their own work to do. This is about the fifth migraine I've had this week, and they're probably coming from the arthritis in my neck. That disturbing snap, crackle, and pop sound emanates from my neck when I move my head. Those muscle relaxers are starting to look tempting again.


Jenny Holden said...

Aww, little piggies. Sorry to hear about your migranes. My mother suffered for years before working out that she's allergic to paprika! It's used to colour just about everything! Living with Chris, who suffers from chronic cluster headaches, makes me very aware of the misery this sort of pain causes :o(

Felicity said...

I've heard that pigs are naturally very clean animals. Is that true? (Can you tell I've lived in a city all my life?)

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