Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Daylilies in bloom

I walked around the yard and counted 15 different varieties of daylilies in bloom. As July progresses, that number will grow into 20-something. Here are two that were blooming yesterday.


Mom L said...

This is an amazing morning - daylilies are my favorites, and 3 of my favorite blogs have posted pictures this morning! Yours are gorgeous.

Nancy in Atlanta

Steph said...

Very lovely!

Anonymous said...

A couple we knew were getting married and wanted to do their own flowers. They picked their wedding bouquet's from their garden, the day before. They picked day lilies. They were surprised when they didn't look so good the next day. The hubby to be had to run back to the house and get more flowers for the day. They are called day lilies for a reason! :)


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