Friday, June 5, 2009

Kitten rescue

Margaret and I were driving down Rt. 23 this afternoon, and two kittens were frolicking on the shoulder, which is completely unacceptable on a road where most people drive 60-65 mph. As we went past the kittens, I shrieked, "It's kittens!" Margaret slammed on the brakes and started to back up. The kittens were getting closer to the middle of the road, and two more cars were rapidly approaching. When the kittens saw us running towards them, they ran into the tall grass in the ditch.

We walked around calling, "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty." But they were understandably freaked out and hiding. Margaret found one quickly and picked it up, but the other was doing a better job of concealing himself. Margaret meowed, and just as I was about to make a joke about her method, I heard a kitten's meow. "Holy cow! I can't believe that worked. She's talking back at you. Do it again." So, Margaret meowed again, and I moved closer to the sound. Margaret meowed again, the kitten answered, and I got a little closer. After repeating this script a few times, I finally spotted the kitten and was able to catch it.

My little kitten hissed at me and laid his ears back, trying to look vicious, but he just made me smile. I put him in my lap for the drive home, and he stuck his head under my arm, trying to hide. Once home, we put them in the barn office and gave them some cat food. One ran under the futon and refused to come back out, but the little gray and white one stuck his nose into the food and rooted around like a pig. It seemed obvious that he had no idea what to do with dry food, so I sent Margaret into the house for some canned food. Although they did do a little better with the canned food, it is clear they have not eaten much solid food. Taking another step back, we gave them some goat milk.

They were on the road at least half a mile from the nearest farm house, and these kittens are only about four or five weeks old, so I'm assuming they were dumped. I can't imagine these tiny babies leaving their mama and a good home. They're really not big enough to be weaned. One fits in my hand and weighs about a pound, although they are admittedly thin and bony. Still, I've eaten baked potatoes bigger than these babies. The little one in the photo is all fur. I'm happy to report that he quickly decided that he could trust me, and I spent quite a bit of time carrying the kitten and walking around looking at Mike's new picket fence, but that's a post for tomorrow. The other kitten is hiding in the barn office, but she'll come out in due time once she realizes she's safe.


SkippyMom said...

What a sweet baby.

For the life of me I can never understand people who dump pets. Don't they know they are feeling, loving creatures that need so little but give so much?

Who could sleep after doing something like this? I will never know.

SkippyMom said...

PS, I forgot to add...thank you so much for saving them :)

Sally said...

I have always wanted to find a kitten along the road that I could save! (Mainly b/c I knew we couldn't just "get" another cat in our small house) Instead, my kitten along the road came in the form of a kitten rescued from a fire at a local groomers!

It is great that you were able to catch them and give them a home.

Mom L said...

Thank you for saving the kittens! My lovely calico, Emma, was rescued from an alley, looked after by the rescuers until she and I met and I brought her home with me. She's a wonderful companion, has been with me 1.5 yrs, and I'm ever grateful to the couple who saved her.

Nancy (and Emma, of course) in Atlanta

Mom L said...

I also meant to say this will help heal your heartache, being able to save the kittens.


Carolina Trekker said...

You two are wonderful..those sweet kittens needed you and I think you needed them right now. Your day ended on a happy note.

Twwly said...

Our persian/himmy cat was dumped. We live near cottage country and cottagers regularly dump their cats at the end of the summer. Totally disgusting.

Hooray for your new kittens finding a great new home.

Zarah said...

Awww... The little darlings!! So glad you cared enough to stop & help! People like you make my heart HAPPY!

amymarie said...

Isn't the cycle funny how new loves are brought into our lives just as we've lost others?


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