Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday flowers: more irises

We have a lot of flowers around here in the summer, and I'd love to be sharing them with you every day, but alas, this is not a flower blog. Showing the first iris of 2009 was a lark last Sunday, but it seemed like a great post for a "lazy" Sunday. So, here are a few more iris pictures.

And yes, I do love purple.

I just realized that this is probably one of the last pictures that will be taken of the front yard without the new picket fence that Mike is building. The fence is being built between these flower beds and the hedge. Will probably have a post about that in a few more days!


SkippyMom said...

Gorgeous. Funnily enough I wrote a blogpost the other day about my disdain for the color purple - but in this setting, how can you not just love it? So pretty.

And I don't mind if you share your flowers - they are so pretty and we don't have any here :( [can't get a chance to plant anything with the ongoing torrential rains]

Peg said...

They're beautiful! Keep sneaking in pictures of flowers - everyone needs spots of sunshine! They will compliment the white fence perfectly!

I have carried some purple iris's that my mom gave me back in 93 from Las Vegas down here to Mississippi. From all the divisions I've been able to share them with friends and still keep plenty for myself! Since they started in Phoenix I'd say they're well traveled!

Brooke said...

Thye are simply lovely! Purple is my favorite color of flowers!

Thanks for sharing!

Gizmo said...

Simply beautiful. Please keep sharing them! This is a farm blog -- and they are on your farm.

Deb said...

Oh wow...beautiful. I can't resist iris flowers. And yes, purple is an excellent colour!


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